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Car Parks in Katowice

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In Katowice there is a Pay Parking Zone (Strefa Platnego Parkowania, SPP for short) which is
marked with traditional parking signs with the inscription ''Parking platny'' (Pay Parking Zone). However, one is obliged to pay for parking their car in the SPP zone only on workdays (from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.). A parking permit (bilet parkingowy) can be purchased on spot from a collector who is available at the car park from 9 a.m. till 4.20 p.m. If one does not pay for parking within the SPP zone, a fine amounting to PLN 50 will be imposed on them.
NOTE: Having purchased the pass, display the parking receipt on the dashboard so that the ticket wardens can see it while inspecting the car park.
The Pay Parking Zone is limited to the very centre of Katowice. It comprises all the streets situated between Piastowska and Piotra Skargi Streets (in the north), Jagiellonska and Zwirki i Wigury Streets (in the south), Bankowa and Francuska (in the east), Matejki and Jana III Sobieskiego (in the west).

For details see the map:

The parking fees within the Pay Parking Zone are as follows:

for the first hour – PLN 1.50
for the 2nd hour – PLN 1.80
for the 3rd hour – PLN 2.00
the 4th hour and more – PLN 1.50.
There are also a lot of guarded car parks in Katowice. Most of them are situated in the city centre. The largest ones can be found:
  • behind ''Spodek'' in Korfantego Avenue (accessible from Korfantego Avenue)
  • close to ''Superjednostka'' (a modernist skyscraper) (accessible from Sokolska Street)
  • close to the ''Warszawa'' Hotel in Rozdzienskiego Avenue (access from Rozdzienskiego Avenue).
As far as parking on the premises of the Katowice International Airport is concerned, there is a 24-hour non-guarded car park and a guarded one. For details see the website of the airport.
Summing up, the general advice is to park your car in the car parks. Otherwise, your car may be towed away to a police car park or it can be wheel-clamped. You might also find a parking ticket under the windscreen wiper for parking with no valid parking pass.

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Map of Katowice

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